Edition 0 – Charitable Keep Clean and Run

A year before the first edition of the World Plogging Championship, a large group of runners from all around the world took part in the virtual Charitable Keep Clean and Run.

Due to the pandemic situation, the eco-marathon Keep Clean and Run represented a concrete message of solidarity for those who were harshly hit by Covid-19.

The charitable edition was held in September 2020, and the athletes participated in 3 different competitions (Walking, Running and TrailRunning). They paid a symbolic contribution to register, and the collected funds have been donated to Caritas Italiana.

At the end of the competition, two rankings were made (Running and TrailRunning) based on distance, altitute and weight of collected waste – this experience represented the Edition 0 of the World Plogging Championship.

200 athletes took part in the initiative, collecting more than 200 kg of waste, avoiding the emission of more than 240 kg of CO2.

Who are the winners of this first pilot edition? Let’s find out more on Keep Clean and Run website!