Plogging Challenge

Everybody can do plogging! All you need is a pair of running shoes, a bag, and a pair of gloves!

From June 26th to July 31st athletes can compete to get a bib through the exclusive Plogging Challenge registering on the platform

How to Participate?

Simply register at by selecting the “Plogging Challenge” route. Through your personal sessions, done individually around your home, in the mountains, or on vacation, you can accumulate points and qualify to participate in the 2024 World Championship. The scoring is automatically calculated by the system by entering the specifics of the quantity and quality of the waste collected, as well as the athletic details and 2 photos that prove the performance achieved. The technical office of E.R.I.C.A. soc. coop. carries out random checks to monitor the accuracy of the results, periodically updating the leaderboard!

In any case, all uploaded sessions must be approved by the organizing team before being visible on the leaderboard, which is why it may take a couple of working days before you see your score change.

Note: If you already have an account registered in the qualifying races section, you cannot use that same profile to qualify through the virtual challenge. In this case, we ask you to create a new profile using a different email address.

The New Feature of This Year

Following the success of the pilot edition in Genoa, this year the Championship program is enriched with a second specialty: Urban Plogging. For this reason, all virtual sessions uploaded to the portal will be valid as qualifications for the Trail or Urban Plogging race, following this criterion: all sessions in which any of these parameters is lower than the indicated figure will be considered valid for the Urban Plogging ranking.

  • Elevation Gain: 150m+
  • Time: 60min
  • Distance: 8km

It will be possible to qualify and participate in both the Trail and Urban specialties based on the qualifications.

What does it mean to qualify?

The virtual challenge is one of the two methods by which you can qualify for the 2024 World Championship, which will be held between Gandino and Bergamo from September 27 to 29. At the end of the qualification period (last day August 4), two rankings will be drawn up: one will list the names of the athletes who will have the right to access the World Championship in the Trail specialty (September 28 – Gandino), and the other ranking for the Urban specialty (September 29 – Bergamo). The top 40 people for the Trail and the top 50 for the Urban will be selected. If someone chooses to give up their position, the rankings will be adjusted by selecting from the same lists. Other participants will be chosen from those who took part in the qualifying races.