World Plogging Championship 2022

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From 30th September to 2nd October Villar Perosa was the capital of plogging!

The second edition of World Plogging Championship was a real success. More than 70 athletes run collecting the abandoned waste in the Olympic Valleys of Turin 2006.

Runners from 9 countries took part to the finals of the World Plogging Championship, sharing the same enthusiastic commitment towards the environment. Flags of Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, the Netherlands, USA, Uruguay and Ukraine fluttered during the Opening ceremony, showing how taking care of our common Planet can unite us all!

World Plogging Championship 2022 – Photo credit: Paolo Cilli

Numbers of the second edition

76 athletes at the starting arch

7 hour-long race

1.152 kg of collected waste

2.243 km of paths

1.650 kg of prevented CO2

World Plogging Championship 2022 – Photo credit: Paolo Cilli

Special Prizes

Fair Play Award: Fabio Gonella, Kostas Ganatsios

Athletic Award: Javier Carballo, Enzo La Montagna (ex aequo) – Sara Nanni

New Generation Award: Simone Orlando – Yolanda Rusconi

Paralympic Award: Massimo Cavenago

World Plogging Championship 2022 – Photo credit: Stefano Jeantet


3rd Place: Valerio Bruno

2nd Place: Secondo Balsamo – Paul Waye (ex aequo)

World Plogging Champion 2022: Renato Zanelli

3rd Place: Nadiya Sukharyna

2nd Place: Emilia Chinali

World Plogging Champion 2022: Donatella Boglione

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