Qualifying races

Do you want to take part to the World Plogging Championship??

Let’s start collecting points and get a bib!
Visit the website www.ploggingchallenge.comregister your account and choose the qualifying races you will run.

Here you can find the calendar of the qualifying races for World Plogging Championship 2022, periodically updated!

6th – 7th August | Trail EDF Cenis Tour
Val Cenis Lanslevillard (France)

For registrations: https://www.edfcenistour.com/inscription/
Vert: 23 km1500 D+ | Bleu: 37 km2270 D+
Rouge: 64 km3540 D+ | Noir: 80 km4600 D+
For further information: https://www.edfcenistour.com/

19th – 21st August | 100 Miglia del Monviso and Monviso Trail
Saluzzo and Crissolo (Italy)

For registrations: 100 Miglia Monviso
100 Miglia: 160km – 9000m D+ | Monviso Trail: 26.20 km – 2120 m D+
For further information: https://100migliamonviso.eu/


6th March | Il Giro del Lago di Varese
Lido di Gavirate (Italy)

10th April | Ymittos Marathon – SESSI
Athens (Greece)

23rd April | Tuscany Crossing
Castiglione d’Orcia (Italy)

8th May | Trail del Bersaglio
Sommariva del Bosco (Italy)

21st May | Zumbador Trail 21k and 42k
Paramo del Zumbador (Venezuela)

5th June | Corri con Samia
Lago di Camobbio, Varese (Italy)

11th June – Ultra Clean Marathon
Terrassa – Barcelona (Spain)